The story of sushmita regmi ? Who's sushmita regmi

Sushmita Regmi was in a beauty pageant when she was raped by one of the top personalities.
She went through great trauma as she wasn't able to report the incident until about five to six years after the incident. 
A lot of people are searching on both Google, Facebook and Tiktok for Sushmita Regmi soon after she released a video on Tiktok about her 2014 rape incident that took place when she was just a minor and, of course, young.
The video went super viral on Tiktok, as it created a sensation both online and offline. Sushmita,
as a teen-ager, wanted to become a model. She even participated in Miss Nepal
when she was invited by the director, who happens to be the one who raped her.
Although Sushmita Regmi demanded justice for herself, she thought she couldn't get it, which is why she just deleted all the videos and the evidence.
At the end, Sushmita Regmi advises parents and guidance to not let their daughters under the age of 18 go out without guidance.

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