Marc Daniel Bernardo ( leaked video part 1 and 2 ) viral scandal

It's no longer hard for a video to become viral online, as more people are increasingly searching for some unusual occurrence.
All it takes to become viral is to act unusually. Viral videos arise from celebrities to politicians' leaked videos. This write-up is about Marc Bernardo's leaked videos, parts 1 and 2. 
Marc Bernardo was a tiktok star and dancer. He was well known for his dancing videos, usually on tiktok. He has over 155 million followers, which makes him among the most followed dancers on tiktok.
The age of Marc Bernardo was unknown to the public, but from his appearance he may have been in his late twenties.
Marc Bernardo has a girlfriend named Kat Kat, and he usually posts her videos on his Tiktok account.
A Twitter account posted a leaked video of Marc Bernardo. The Twitter account was notoriously known for posting gay and sexual videos.
After that, people start rushing to search for the videos that consist of parts 1 and 2, which are the search terms of Marc Daniel Bernardo's leaked video download link.
Although Marc has yet to respond to the situation, we will update this article whenever he does.

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