Shatu bawa popular Nigeria tiktoker passed away

A whole northern Nigeria tiktoker community is mourning over the death of their member, Shatu Bawa.
Shatu Bawa was from Kano State. She is well known through her dancing videos on Tiktok.
Her death came as a surprise as she was quite young and healthy from her appearance.
Social media users continue to mourn, as others are trying to make morals out of the situation, one of which is Datti Assalafy.
Datti Assalafy was known for his unwavering support for northern Nigeria and Islam, and he was a staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari and Minister Isah Pantami.
Datti Assalafy wrote on his Facebook account in Hausa.
There's a girl (widowed) who is expert in seductive dance on Tiktok. We woke up today to find that she's no more. She answered the call of Allah, and left many of her ugly videos on Tiktok, which they'll stay online until the end of the world.
Datti continued. 
This is what most of the girls on tiktok and other social media platforms are unaware of: whatever you upload online will stay until your great-grandson is no longer alive.
Datti continued to talk a great deal about morals and that Northern Muslim girls must be careful with the world and fear Allah. Datti's assalafy statement raises a lot of criticism, as a lot of people tell him that he should not say something bad about the deceased person.

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