Who's bayanni? Don jazzy New signed artist

Mavel Records and its founder, Don Jazzy, were well-known for their assistance to upcoming artists, and many well-known artists, actors, and comedians credit their success to Mavel and Don Jazzy.

Don Jazzy announced to the public through his social media handles that they had signed an artist named Bayanni, followed by a short recorded music video in which the comedians Brain Jotter and Sabinus (oga sabi) were featured in a lab.
Don Jazzy fans and the general public are eager to learn who Bayanni is, the Mavel's new signed artist; while many of his identities have yet to be revealed, this article compiles those that are currently available.
He was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and he finished his secondary school in Lagos. He is currently in his higher level education. He's in his late 20's, where he started his music career since when he was young, but never made it to record even a single music video.
This is what we have for the moment. We'll update the article as soon as we have other additional information. Thank you.

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