How to solve Facebook "limited originality of content LOC" violation.

Limited originality of content, also known as LOC, is a policy violation notice from a page when a page that is sharing content that is unoriginal attempts to monetize the page, although there are some cases where a page is not involved in that practice but still gets the notice.

If you are looking for a way to understand as well as solve limited originality of content issues, this article will be of great help as we gather a lot of information to present to you.
Why did my page receive limited originality of content?
Pages that share content that they did not primarily create will usually receive that policy violation notice. The reason for this is that Facebook is using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect unoriginal content. As soon as you upload a video, Facebook AI will look for content that looks similar to yours. When it finds content that matches your own, it will mark it as unoriginal and it will receive low distribution.
How to solve the limited originality of content?
There are several solutions to this problem, but I don't want you to be disappointed because you can't monetize content you didn't create. So the solution to content you didn't create is to delete it from your page and create your own content. If your page receives limited originality of content by mistake, you can appeal, and Facebook will review the appeal within a week.
In some cases, pages like news content creators must use videos they did not originally create, and some pages require them to use some content they didn't originally create. If your category falls in between them, then there's nothing to panic about as Facebook allows use of videos you didn't create, but only when you make meaningful enhancements to them.

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