What is Split face diving accident video?

It rarely happens in a million, but it happens. Split-face diving accident videos are really rare, but they happen.

Recently, people are searching curiously online for split-face diving accident videos and any other relevant information about it. In this article, we'll do our possible best to satisfy your curiosity with relevant information, so kindly follow us through.
What is the split-face diving accident video?
The Split Face Diving Accident Video was a viral accident video of a boy whose face split while trying to exercise his diving skills. The situation happened in the Middle East because the video was completely in Arabic.
What happened in the split-face diving accident video ?
The video is really horrible. It's always recommended that the video not be watched because almost 90% of people that watched the video said they regret watching it. The video was first shared online in 2009, when a boy and his mother were practicing their diving skills. At first, the video was joyful, as the boy was diving skillfully and everyone was laughing, but when his face came into contact with the diving space instead of the water, it changed color to red. He was quickly taken to the hospital with his split face, and a doctor was seen in the video attempting to join his face with the split portion.

Why was a split-face diving accident video trending in 2022 ?
It seems the video was revived by netizens and some people are searching for whether it happened recently or not, but in reality, the incident happened more than a decade ago.
People are curiously searching for it as it is hard to believe that such a thing could ever happen.

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