How to Deal with a YouTube Policy Violation Regarding Reused Content

It seems a lot of people are increasingly facing this type of policy violation from YouTube when they reach the YouTube minimum watch hours and subscriber thresholds.

What does "reused content policy violation" mean?

Most of the people facing this kind of policy violation message are not in the YouTube partnership program, and they're unaware of a lot of YouTube policies. In the process of building their channel, they unintentionally or intentionally violate this rule. When it's time to start monetizing their content, YouTube will send them a message that looks like this: "This channel uses someone else's content without making that add significant value."
Although it was stressful to have such a kind of message, to be sincere, YouTube is loyal and rewards only original and true creators. You probably used someone else's content without making a significant change, or you did any of the following.
1.You used short videos you copied from other social networks.
YouTube will not allow you to monetize videos you compile from other social networks or from YouTube itself. A good example is that a lot of people are trying to manipulate YouTube by compiling videos from social media networks, especially TikTok, where you'll find the TikTok trademark in the videos.
But there's a way to solve this violation. It's that instead of using someone else's content exactly, you'll make a critical review video of it. This means you will only use some parts of it, and there is more of your content than the video.
2. You collect songs from different artists.
The second mistake, especially for newbies, creators make is trying so hard to compile songs from different artists, sometimes with a title like "best songs of...", without making any changes to the original content.
This policy can only be changed by creating your own content. This could be either a funny or thoughtful review of the content you didn't originally create, or a reaction video where you comment on the original video 
3. You mentioned one of your favorite television shows or movies.
Using content you're not authorized to use by the host of the show is strictly prohibited. Or from a movie, whether with an edited narrative or not. But you can use a scene from a movie where you've rewritten the dialogue and changed the voiceover.
4. You used content that is repeatedly uploaded by other creators.
Content that is uploaded a couple of times on YouTube is a sign that you are not the original owner of the video. In this case, YouTube will not allow you to monetize this kind of content.
But you can use sports content where you replay the sports content and explain what the competitor did to succeed or fail.
5. You are promoting other people's content.
This is not allowed, even if you have their permission. You can only monetize the content you create, but in some cases, edited footage from other creators where you add a storyline or commentary is allowed.
If you're sure that you corrected any of those violations, you can request an appeal either by sending a video if you haven't deleted anything since the rejection or by sending a direct appeal if you have made changes.
I hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any other issues, kindly let me know in the comments section.

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