How to get Facebook news page index approval

The Facebook news feed is a foundational step to help Facebook identify Facebook pages that primarily publish news content. Members of the news page index may be eligible to appear in Facebook news.

News pages must adhere to Facebook's news page index guidelines, publish news in supported languages, and have a verified business manager and domain.
A registered news page can get a lot of benefits as well as security and policies just for news publishers, amongst which is:
1. Exemption from Facebook's policy about social issues, elections, and political ads
As is customary, Facebook required ads about social issues, politics, and elections to include additional information as well as authorization before they could be run.A registered news publisher that meets Facebook's additional criteria is exempted from that authorization and the additional information and the labeled "paid for by" disclaimer.
2. Your stories can appear on Destination meant for News on Facebook.
Registered publishers may be eligible to have their stories appear in spaces on Facebook for news, including Facebook news and the Corona virus (COVID-19) information center on Facebook.
3.Direct the development of new products.
A registered news page can join beta tests of Facebook products or features for news organizations.
4. Help Facebook to better understand news publishers' needs and to better serve the news industry at large.
A registered news page can help Facebook identify the full and diverse ecosystem of news pages on the platform and distinguish the work of a news publisher from all other pages on Facebook.
5. Gain access to Facebook products that engage subscribers.
A registered news page may have access to Messenger News, a messaging tool which allows publishers to send non-promotional messages to their subscribers, such as breaking news updates and WhatsApp business ApI.
How to apply and get approved in the news page index.
To be approved for the news page index, the page must first register and follow Facebook's news page index guidelines. It must not have recently been caught violating the face check standard.
To register a news page index, follow these guidelines:
1. Integrate your website into your Facebook page: The website should link to your page's news content.
2.verify your business: Facebook wants to check the authenticity of an organization, so it requires business verification before allowing a news page to register.
3. Verify your website domain: For Facebook to confirm that your business has ownership of the domain on your Facebook page, it requires that you verify it.
5.submit an application: In order for Facebook to approve your page, you must first submit an application, which can be done through the Facebook business manager.
If you followed the steps above correctly, Facebook will approve your page within two weeks.

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