Leaked voice notes Kingston Technical High School stabbing video

It's no longer hard for a video or an incident to become viral, as more people are having Internet access increasingly almost every hour. 
Kington technical high school students and the school staff are mourning after the death of one of there students, while a lot of people are searching for what exactly happens. 

In this article I will provide you with relevant information about the incident, read through. 

What happen in  Kingston Technical High School ? 

A female student was stabbed to death by her classmate, in a dispute with him, the incident is taking a lot of people attention as well as the investigation is still going on. 

The 16 years old female student was stabbed multiple of times by her 17years old classmate, both of them was taken to hospital but the female student was pronounced death shortly. 

A voice notes of Kington high school technical students was going around, in which a female student was heard saying she try is much as can, to stop the murderer but faith makes it, she was crying continuously. 

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