What is chandigarh University viral video

 image of a video in which a girl is asked if she really takes the video, she continues to apologize with tears in her eyes, and her female colleague surrounds her.

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Almost 60 MMS videos of girls taking baths were leaked from the Chandigarh University hostel.The MMS were shot by a fellow hostel mate who used to sell them to another man. That man used to upload the videos on the internet for money. Social media reports were going round that multiple girls attempted suicide after the videos went viral and one succumbed. Though the officials involved in the investigation later clarified that there have been no reports of suicide attempts thus far (and hopefully there will not be any), it won't be surprising if any of them attempt to take away their lives because not everyone has the mental capacity to endure such trauma.

What is the Chandigarh viral video?

It's a video or series of videos that were repeatedly shared online today, and it was reported that the video(s) was that of Chandigarh University girl hostel students, originally taken by a female student to send to her male friend.

What happened in the Chandigarh hostel video? 

The series of videos consists of bathing videos of various girls, taken by their fellow female students and sent to their male friends, who wasted no time in sharing them online, and it immediately sparked a reaction both online and offline, as the group of female students came out to protest. There's a report from some other sources that the girls in the video, some of them even attempted suicide, although a community police officer denied the fact that the video was leaked. The girl was arrested along with her male counterpart.

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