A video of Ndejje University students is trending on social media.

While a lot of people are recovering from the shock of Ndejji's previous viral videos , another video started to trend early this morning on both social networks.
If you are here searching for the Ndejje University viral video, then you are in the right place.This article will walk you through what happens in the viral video, but first, let me remind you that this blog (hausafeed.com.ng) is well known for sharing trending news and information about technology.
What's the latest viral video ?
From the previous leaked viral videos from this school, we can deduce that the school was well known for some acts like this. It's quite unfortunate to have an educational institute turned into a place where immorality and some other dirty things happen.
Ndejje University is located in the Congo Republic and is known as one of the best universities in the country. It's the dream of almost every parent to get their children admitted into the university, but the trends at the school are unfortunately changing its reputation. As we all know, this is not the first time something like this has happened.
What happened in the viral video ?
Due to our policies, we can share the video here, but we will explain what happens in the video to the best of our ability. The Ndejje viral video is a video that started trending early this morning. No one knows who first shared the video, but after it first emerged, it started trending on Twitter. But Twitter later removed the video. A lot of people had already saved it. They immediately started sharing it. It's a video of two female students having s*X with their teacher, and although the girls' faces are not identical in the video, the teacher was recognized.
Internet users are constantly discussing the incident. A lot of people are mocking as well as joking about the school and the students in general.

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