Entrepreneur Slickianna found dead ( Slickianna death viral video)

Adage says, " for every living soul must die one day." It is sad to announce that Slickianna is dead. It was indeed sad news for most of her fans online.

In the next few parts of this article, I will be talking about Slickianna's biography, family, death  and personal life, so kindly read till the end of the article.
Aneka Townsend, who was popularly known as Slickianna, was a Jamaican model, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. She was well known through her Instagram account, which has over 300k followers. She is the owner of slickpiecesja and Slickianna 826. Also, she was a brand ambassador for britznailz.ltd, jacanalife, havendale healthcare, and thelashspaja.
Slickianna's death and the cause of her death
After the news report of her death, a lot of her fans were curiously searching for the cause of Slickianna's death since it was almost unbelievable and something unimaginable for them since she even posted on Instagram hours before her demise, so there must be a reason behind her death Slickianna's body was found dead in a viral video that was shared a couple of times On social media, a body will be seen floating on beach in Reading, St James face down on Friday. The legs will be easily recognized as those of Slickianna. Slickianna's death autopsy revealed that she was shot to death.

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