Ghulam Nabi bhat death / ghulam Nabi bhat dead / gh Nabi bhat no more

As the popular saying that every soul lost test the pain of death, today we wake up with the news of the death of one of the most melodious singer in India ghulam Nabi bhat.

While the news is still developing, we will share  a brief of his life and cause of death, kindly follow this article through. 

"Ghulam Nabi bhat is no more" brief overview of his life. 

Ghulam Nabi bhat also known as Gh Nabi bhat was born in South kashmir to the singer AB khalig bahgat, he was born and raised in music family as his father is quite popular singer of his time. 

Ghulam Nabi cause of death 

The popular Indian singer was announced dead early today, it was reported that he was slipped, and then he was taken to hospital in SKIMS where he dead soon afterward, it's his brother that first announce his death. 

Ghulam Nabi bhat dead

 A lot of his fans are still mourning as he was being prepared for the funeral rites, he will always be remembered by his songs and his melodious voice. 

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