Natish Dahiya death and causes of death

It was really sad indeed to announce of someone death, death was never liked but it's true that everyone of us must die one day, it was sad to announce that the mountaineer natish dahiya is no more. 

In this article I will be explaining to you all you need to know about natish dahiya death as well as natish dahiya cause of death so kindly follow me through. 

As we all heards from the news few days ago that there's group of mountaineers that are missing and no one heard about there where about  natish dahiya  was among them. 

What is natish dahiya cause of death? 

I know you maybe wondering how this popular mountaineer dead and what cause his death because natish was known of breaking many records in the mountain everest, but unfortunately he didn't make it soon after the missing of the group of mountaineers natish dahiya family came out to social media to announce that natish was involved among the mountaineers, soon social media was in uproar as hashtag was sparked calling prayer for natish and the group of mountaineers. 

Natish dahiya body was found in undisclosed location while police was in autopsy with his body a funeral was being preferred by his family before the burial. 

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