Udit Narayan jha passed away || udit Narayan dead || udit Narayan death || udit Narayan no more

As it goes by the saying that ever soul must die, today we wake up to so saddened to announce a big lost to Indian music fans a popular playback singer udit Narayan jha is dead. 

In this article I will briefly talk of about the life of the legendary singer udit Narayan jha, and I will give a detailed explanation about his death. 

Udit Narayan jha was an Indian playback singer mostly known for his great talent and ability to polyglotly sing In multiple languages he has songs in telugu, kannada and almost every Indian languages, his songs are featured in mostly in hindi films. 

Udit Narayan was born to maithil brahmin family  in baisi village of supaul district of bihar, India to Nepali father and Indian mother in the year 1 December 1955, although his origin was often citized but he confirmed in several interviews that he was from bihar,his father is a Farmer while his mother was a singer who influenced his music career,he studied at Jageshwar High School, Kunauli, Supaul, Bihar, India. 

Narayan was married to two wives ranjana Narayan jha and deepa Narayan jha where he has only one son Aditya Narayan jha who was also a popular playback singer. 

Udit Narayan cause of death 

Udit Narayan jha was  announced dead after a brief illness at his home in India, his body was still being preferred for the funeral rites. 

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