What happened in 010 Sargent Park School incident (010 Sargent Park School leaked video)

There's a rumor that has been going around the Internet in the last two days about an incident that happened in Sargent Park School that involved students.
People are quite curious about what exactly happens and are searching endlessly on the Internet for any information related to the incident, which is why we made this article to clarify as well as to explain in detail what exactly (is) happening, so read till the end of it.
010 Sargent Park School leaked video
There's a video that was first uploaded in TikTok that three students of Sargent Park School was involved in thresome, some claims that the students where college some says there are high school students. 

The video was quite becoming viral as more and more people are becoming aware of it, through constant sharing of it.
What exactly happens in 010 Sargent Park School ?
To clarify the rumors, there's nothing happening in the school according to the school authorities, even the said video was probably uploaded by an unknown TikToker just to get views. Currently there's no where in the news where this video or anything pertaining to it has been mentioned, so I hope you get all the information you want about the video. If you have anything to tell us about it, kindly contact us via our contact page. Thank you.

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