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If you are here searching for woo lotti death video, woo lotti video, woo lotti death date, woo lotti stabbed and the story of woo lotti and cause of his death you're in the right place as this article will left nothing unexplained about the topic so kindly follow us through. 

A death or the news of death was never a liking thing, more expecially that of a great person today we so sorry to announce the death of woo lotti 

In the next few part of this write up  we will be talking about woo lotti life, family, death and causes of his death. 

Woo lotti death was really unexpected to his family, friends and his whole fans, they are both mourning through social networking sites, a lot of condolences messages are continously shared, as some portion of his family, friends, and fans are quite curiously searching about the cause of his death. 

Woo lotti Death and cause of death. 

Woo lotti was stabbed to death by two teenagers, in a cctv caption they pull him down with metal scooter and one of them stabbed him several times. 

Police are still investigating woo lotti death one of the teen has already been apprehended he's 14,while woo lotti was 19.

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