Zach levinson: oina preparatory upper school student Missing.

It was sad for Zach levinson to announce that, he was missing since Friday,you could just imagine how much pain it will cause if someone you care about gone missing without any clue if information about where they were. 

Zach levinson missing news was first shared by his uncle, who says that Zach has been missing since early Friday, it was hard for his colleagues, friends and family. 

The purpose of this article is to describe Zach levinson, and talk a little bit about his life so that when ever you have an encounter with him, so can help him locate his family. 

Who's Zach levinson, Iona preparatory school missing student. 

Zach levinson is 18years old, he has a  brown hair and brown/green eyes,he's from new Rochelle, New York. 

Zach levinson has gone missing around 4:45 pm, Friday 21/10/2022 at the circle K, in greenfield Indiana, he got into vehicle around 4:46 on Friday at the Circlek in greenfield Indiana with male driver, may have traveled to Los Angeles. 

If you have seen him or any information about him, do kind to call detective Matt Newland at 740-587-1234, there's a reward. 

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